【 comes to Tokyo Tech 2017- 2-days BOOTCAMP "Design Challenge" - 参加申し込み受付開始/Call for Students】

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「デザイン思考」は、研究者・ビジネスパーソンに関わらず、現在も、そしてこれからもずっとイノベーションを起こすことを求められる人にとって、今や常識ともいうべき考え方です。そのベースとなる概念、「Creative Confidence」を、「デザイン思考」の本場である米国Stanford Univ./d.schoolの現役講師から、直接、指導を受けられる日本で唯一の機会です。この2日間のBOOTCAMPを通して、「デザイン思考」の本質を、体感・実践してください。

"Design Thinking" has been "common sense" as a concept which should be essential for the people who are being expected to be "INNOVATORS" in any filed even if you are researchers or business person. Through this BOOTCAMP of " comes to Tokyo Tech 2017", a unique workshop by which you will be able to be instructed by Stanford Univ./ tutors directly, we are expecting all of students to feel and execute "Creative Confidence", an insight of Design Thinking,
Further to the last year, 2-days BOOTCAMP about Design Thinking will be held as a part of menu in AGL Yamada Dojo/Open Dojo. We are expecting to have 40 students as we did the last year. In case of over-subscription, we will make selection. If you are interested to join this workshop, please send an application form attached to me as soon as possible after checking details below.

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(1) 日時/Date and Time:
28/Oct (Sat) -29/Oct (Sun) 09:00-18:00 on both days

(2) 場所/Venue:
東京工業大学 大岡山キャンパス南4号館S422&423
Tokyo Tech, O-okayama Campus, South Building 4, S-422&S423

(3) テーマ/Theme:

(4) ファシリテーター/Facilitators:
Thomas Both, Scott Witthoft, and David Janka, the, Stanford Univ.

(5) 参加資格/Conditions for Attendances:
▶ 学生であればどなたでも応募いただけます。申込多数の場合は、AGL所属生を優先、及び選抜をすることがあります。選抜の場合は、添付申込書の質問の「Level of your English capability」と「Please advise why we have to choose you as attendants for the workshop.」への回答を考慮する場合があります。
Any students of Tokyo Tech and other university can be applied. In case of over subscription, AGL students may be selected prior to other students. In case of selection, your answers to "Level of your English capability" and "Please advise why we have to choose you as attendants for the workshop" may be considered.
▶ 2日間全日参加、遅刻・早退は認めません。
Attendants to this BOOTCAMP will make commitments on (1) attending both 2 days, and (2) no delay and no early retirement.

(6) 定員/Max Attendances:
40名程度/40 students max.

(7) 使用言語/Language:

(8) 参加費/Attending Fee:
Free. But, ¥3,000-, as fee for lunch, beverage and snacks, should be paid.

(9) 申し込み締め切り/Due date for applicants:
29/Sep (Fri) /2017

(10) 協力/Supports:


If you want to join the 2-days BOOTCAMP", please fill in the form attached and send it to
Prof. Yamada/AGL by 29/Sep/2017.
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申し込みフォーム / Application Form
Send the application form to: Prof. Yamada (

グローバルリーダー教育院事務室/AGL Office
TEL: 03-5734-3116

【参考/Reference:前々回の様子/2015 WS】

【参考/Reference: ファシリテーター/Facilitators】
■Thomas Both: d.school講師
Curriculum and Experience Lead. Thomas is a graduate of the Stanford Design Master's Program and brings with him on human-centered design.

■Scott Witthoft: d.school講師
創造性を最大化する「場」の作り方を解説した「make space」の共著者。ワシントン大学土木工学出身。 D'arbeloff fellow 2008-2009 & lecturer. Scott is a co-author of "Make Space", a book of "how to set the stage for creative collaboration. He studied civil engineering at Washington Univ.

■David Janka: d.school講師
Lecturer. Levinthal fellow 2011-2012. After graduating medical school, he joined full-time as a fellow, working to integrate design thinking principles into medical education, healthcare delivery, medical device design and global health practice.