「未来洞察ワークショップ」日程変更とテーマ決定および参加者募集 / "Future Foresights"; Schedule change, Theme and Call for participants

(Please see below for the English bersion)

1. 第1日のスケジュール変更:
2017 4Qに行う山田道場menuの一つである「未来洞察ワークショップ」については、2月2日(金)から2月4日(日)の3日間としていましたが、初日に行なう予定だった第1日を1月29日(月)に行ないます。これに伴い、最終的なスケジュールは下記となります。
第1日 1月29日(月) 18:00-20:00@大岡山キャンパスS422第(変更)
第2日 2月 3日(土) 09:00-18:00@大岡山キャンパスW932(変更なし)
第3日 2月 4日(日) 09:00-18:00@大岡山キャンパスW932(変更なし)

2. ワークショップ・テーマ:
「ムダを出さない消費生活の未来 -ゼロエミッションライフ-」

3. 参加希望者受付中

1. Schedule change on Day#1:
The schedule of Day#1 of "future Foresights", a menu of Dojo in 2017 4Q, is going to be held on 29/Jan(Mon) instead of 2/Feb(Fri) originally scheduled while Day#2 and Day#3 will be held as originally scheduled. The final schedule will be as follows.
Day#1 29/Jan(Mon) 18:00-19:00@S422
Day#2 3/Feb(Sat) 09:00-18:00@W932
Day#3 4/Feb(Sun) 09:00-18:00@W932

2. Theme:
"Re-designing "consumptive" life without generating wastes ‒Zero Emission Life-"
Mass consumption of raw materials / energy resources and mass generation of wastes, as the result of civilized and comfortable daily living, may jeopardize various "environment" of human life, such as "global warming". As a part of its solution, a lot of industries, nowadays, are claiming their introduction of "zero emission" concept into their production process and product specification in their long-term management road map. In concerning about daily living environment, policies for recycling raw materials / energy have been exercised in various local areas and regions; it is so called "eco-town" projects.
Among those situations, how might we, individuals, are going to face to our life and this issues? How might we understand future of "consumptive" life without generating waste, but not forcing people to do so by regulations and not denying enjoyable and exciting modern life? During this workshop, students are being requested to re-design future society of "consumptive" life, which will be sustainable and co-living relation with a natural environment, by generating ideas of new products and new services.

3. Call for participants:
Several seats for this workshop has been yet available while 17 students including AGL students and OPEN students has been applied. If you are interested in joining the workshop, please do so advise to Prof. Yamada as soon as possible.