2018年度1Q-2Q開講「リーン・ローンチパッド (LLP)」説明会開催のお知らせ NOTICE: Orientation about "Lean Launchpad", an new business development training program to be held in 2018 1Q/2Q

(Please see below for the English bersion)

Silicon Valley発の最新・最強の起業家育成プログラムである「リーン・ローンチパッド」を、2018年度1Q-2Qに受講できます。その説明会を下記の通り行いますので、来期同menuに参加を予定している方はもちろん、興味ある方は、是非、ご参加ください。説明会に参加を希望する場合は、事前に、下記連絡先までご連絡ください。

場所:大岡山キャンパス南6号館3F S6-309B

* リーン・ローンチパッド:
AGL/山田道場のメインプログラム。Silicon Valleyのシリアル・アントレプレナーであるSteve Blankが提唱し、米国Stanford Universityはじめ、多くの大学で採用されています。現在、日本でも、早稲田大学や大阪大学などでワークショップが始まっています。本学では、AGLにて、いち早く、2013年から毎年行なっています。

* ワークショップの様子:

The workshop of "Lean Launchpad(LLP)", the latest and informative training program for leadership and entrepreneurship originated from Silicon Valley, will be available for Tokyo Tech students in 2018 1Q/2Q. The orientation of the program will be held as follows. If you are interested in hearing details about this program, please join the orientation after informing Prof. Yamada of your interest.

Date and Time: 10/Jan/2018(Wed) 18:00-19:30
Venue: S6-309B (O-okayama Campus)
Contact: Prof. Keisuke Yamada, AGL (

* A workshop of Lean Launchpad:
"Lean Launchpad" is one of the most important menu in Yamada Dojo. This program is for fostering leadership and entrepreneurship through new business development activities from the business idea of each participants and originated by Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Now a day, a lot of US universities including Stanford University are engaged in this program. In Japan, this program has been adopted in several universities such as Waseda Univ and Osaka Univ. In Tokyo Tech, AGL stated this program from 2013.
Whether you can provide the highest value with users who are eager to have should be the key for the "BUSINESS". It will be worthwhile for you to think about functions of understanding "mechanism of needs" through steps of "establish issues to be solved", "ideation with diversity", "proposing solutions", and "consensus building", which may be the essentials for leaders in any kind of fields including technology development, research, business and policy making.
By forming a team with 3-4 members, your idea of possible future business will be materialized during the period of April-July.

* Outline of the workshop: