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Yamada Dojo/OPEN DOJO schedule(ver.2.5), syllabus(ver5.2.3) and Dojo Vision, Concept & Structure(ver.5.2.1)

Please find the latest version of "Yamada Dojo/OPEN DOJO schedule" (ver2.5), "syllabus" (ver4.0) and Dojo Vision, Concept & Structure(ver4.0).
Any Tokyo Tech students (Under Graduate/Graduate School) will be welcome (number of students may be limited in some menu). If you want to join any of menu, please check the menu and return it to me with following information;

Yamada Dojo/OPEN DOJO Schedule (ver.2.5)
※ Any change from previous version of schedule is described in blue.

Yamada Dojo/OPEN DOJO Syllabus (ver.5.2.3)
Yamada Dojo Vision, Concept & Structure(ver5.2.1)

1. Student Number
2. Name
3. Department and Lab.
4. Email address

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