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【 comes to Tokyo Tech 2016- 2-day WORKSHOP "Design Challenge" /Call for Students】

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We are pleased to announce that "2-days WORKSHOP of Design Challenge" is going to be held, as a part of AGL Yamada Dojo/Open Dojo. We are expecting to have 40 students for the boot camp, and hope all of participants understand and execute "Creative Confidence", a core of Design Thinking, through the boot camp, an only " tutors' Design Challenge" boot camp in Japan.

(1) Date and Time:
15-16/Mar (Wed/Thu) 09:00-18:00
(2) Venue:
Tokyo Tech, O-okayama Campus, South Building 4, S-422&S423
(3) Theme:
A hands-on introductory experience in practicing and applying design skills
(4) Facilitators:
Thomas Both, Scott Witthoft, David Janka, the, Stanford Univ.
(5) Attendances:
✔ Any students can be applied. If the number of applicants exceed 40, the students belonging to AGL, CBEC, Tokyo Tech should be prior to others.
✔ The students are being requested to attend both 2 days, without delay or early retirement. In addition, all participants are being requested to join LECTURE to be held on 14/Mar.
(6) Max Attendances: 
40 students max.
(7) Language: 
(8) Attending Fee: 
Free(Actual expenses of lunch will be charged separately)
(9) Due date for applicants: 
17/Feb(Fri) /2017
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✔ If you want to join the 2-days BOOTCAMP", please fill in the form attached and send it to Prof. Yamada/AGL by 17/Feb/2017.

Application Form (excel file)
Send the application form atttached to;

✔ Another application is going to be needed to participate " comes to Tokyo Tech -LECTURE". For details, please visit following web page; (

【Reference: the previous WS】

【Reference: Facilitators】
◆ Thomas Both:
Curriculum and Experience Lead. Thomas is a graduate of the Stanford Design Master's Program and brings with him on human-centered design.
◆ Scott Witthoft: D'arbeloff fellow 2008-2009 & lecturer. Scott is a co-author of "Make Space", a book of "how to set the stage for creative collaboration. He studied civil engineering at Washington Univ.
◆ David Janka:
Lecturer. Levinthal fellow 2011-2012. After graduating medical school, he joined full-time as a fellow, working to integrate design thinking principles into medical education, healthcare delivery, medical device design and global health practice.

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