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【Notice of Orientation】Lean Launchpad 2017

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The orientation about "Lean Launchpad 2017", one of 2017 AGL/Yamada Dojo menus, will be held as follows. "Lean Launchpad" is originally developed by Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, USA, as the latest and leading edge of program for incubating "Start-ups", business development, and has been specially designed for Tokyo Tech students for training value creation of the new business, which may be a key function for global leaders. Therefore, this program will be suitable for the students who;
(1) are considering to establish new business/new company,
(2) are considering to be social entrepreneurs,
(3) want to develop new application, new market new customers of your products/technologies,
(4) feel uncomfortable about existing "business contests",
(5) want to understand real meanings of "leadership" and "entrepreneurship", and
(6) are interested in finding new value of your research work.

For your reference, the report about this program can be accessed from URL below;

Any Tokyo Tech students will be welcome.

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【Outline of Orientation】
《Date & Time》: 10/Mar(Fri) 18:00-19:30
《Venue》: South Building 4, S422
▶ Outline of the program and procedure (LEL/Takashi Tsutsumi)
▶ Schedule, preparation (theme and team building, etc.), credit(only for AGL students) (AGL/Prof. Yamada)
▶ Tokyo Tech Fund for supporting product/service development of start-ups (AGL/Prof. Yamada )
▶ Experience by the team participated in the last year

【If you want to join the workshop】
Please contact Prof. Yamada/AGL with following information;
(1) Name
(2) Faculty and your academic adviser
(3) Grade
(4) Student Number
(5) Mail Address

《Mail To:》
Prof. Keisuke Yamada, AGL