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Yamada Dojo/OPEN DOJO the latest schedule(ver2.2), syllabus & Dojo Vision

Please find the latest version of "Yamada Dojo/OPEN DOJO schedule" (ver2.2), "syllabus" (ver1.6.2) and "Dojo Vision & Concept" (ver1.6.1).

Yamada Dojo/OPEN DOJO Schedule (ver.2.2)

(1) The Dojo menu of "Future society effected by Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Guest Speaker; Daisuke Takehara, Producer, Media Lab., The Asahi Shinbun Corporation" is going to be postponed to April/2017. The detailed new schedule on this subject will be announced in 2017-1Q2Q Yamada Dojo Schedule to be uploaded by the middle of Mar/2017.
(2) The orientation about "2017 Lean Launchpad" will be held on 10/Mar(fri) 18:00-19:30 @S422. If you are thinking to join the program (as the program to be applied for the credit of "Group Work" or "Shuryo Project" in AGL) , please come to this orientation. During the orientation, the subjects below will be explained to attendants.
(a) Outline of LLP and its schedule (Tsutsumi)
(b) Credit (AGL), preparation(team building) and New Tokyo Tech Start up support Program (cost for developing prototypes) (Yamada )
(c) Presentation by a team in the last year

Syllabus (ver1.6.2)

Dojo Vision & Concept (ver1.6.1)

Any Tokyo Tech students (Under Graduate/Graduate School) will be welcome (number of students may be limited in some menu). If you want to join any of menu, please check the menu and return it to me with following information;

1. Student Number

2. Name

3. Department and Lab.

4. Email address

Professor Keisuke Yamada