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Required course to apply for AGL "Fundamentals of Humanities A"(1Q) (Code:LAW.X491) "Fundamentals of Humanities B" (2Q) (Code:LAW.X492) : New Students Invited

"Fundamentals of Humanities", a required course to apply for AGL, is inviting new students
【Outline of the course】
The course on Fundamentals of Humanity A/B is designed to provide students with opportunities to consider various social issues such as environment, community, welfare, poverty, peace and education. This course incorporates the method of philosophical dialogue, in which students are encouraged to reflect on their own thinking, to express their ideas, and to share their views with others. Students also develop essay and report writing skills, e.g. developing a clear thesis statement, collecting adequate evidence, and presenting logical reasoning. Students and teachers work on cultivating their abilities to express themselves, to communicate with others, to inquire into topics, to think logically and to facilitate dialogue sessions. Although this course is one of the compulsory subjects for those who intend to apply for the "Academy for Global Leadership (AGL) Program", all Master-PhD candidates are welcome.

【Day/Time and Room】
★Fundamentals of Humanities A(1Q)
Day / Time: Every Monday / Session 7-10(15:05~18:20)
Room: S321, Ookayama Campus
★Fundamentals of Humanities B"(2Q)
Day / Time: Every Thursday / Session 1-4(9:00~12:15)
Room: J232, Suzukakedai Campus

Syllabus A
Syllabus B

【Lecturers Profile】
Dr. Sawako Shigeto(Associate Professor, Academy for Global Leadership, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Dr. Shigeto's research interests mainly focus on the theory and methods to transform society into low carbon based and sustainable one from the community based actions. She also works on the analysis of program design and evaluation, based on the 6-year R&D program management experience at JST-RISTEX (Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society, Japan Science and Technology Agency). Academic background: Bachelor of Agriculture, in Agricultural Economics (Kyoto University); Master of Agriculture in Natural Resource Economics (Kyoto University); PhD in Agricultural Economics (Newcastle University, UK).