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AGL Orientation Meeting

Here is an announcement from AGL Office regarding AGL Orientation Meeting.

≪Orientation Meeting≫
The Orientation Meeting for AGL Screening Camp will be held as below, immediately after "Fundamentals of Humanity".

① Date & Time :18:00~19:15 on Monday, May 22
Venue :Room S321 at Ookayama campus
② Date & Time :11:00~12:15 on Thursday, June 29
Venue :Room J232 at Suzukakedai campus

・Introduction from Professor Isao Satoh(Director of AGL)
・Orientation for AGL Screening Camp
・Meeting with AGL Students

Professor Sato's giving a brief introduction followed by an explanation of AGL screening camp and application procedure.

You will also get a chance to meet AGL students as well as a chance to hear about AGL life from them.

We look forward to seeing you there!

≪Application schedule≫
Orientation Meeting: Ookayama campus: May 22 (Mon)
Suzukakedai campus: June 29(Thu)
Application Period: June 1 (Thu) - July 10(Mon)
Submission deadline: July 10 (Mon)
Screening camp: Aug 10(Thu)-12(Sat)

For application form and more information, please see AGL Website after June 1.