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【Design Thinking 1 day Workshop - co-organized by Tokyo Tech and Hitotsubashi Univ./Call for students】


The process of 5 steps of Design Thinking, which has been focused in, Stanford University, will be experienced and executed in 5 hours. Design Thinking is the concept for innovators by not aggregation of knowledge but also idea generation without prejudice, and exploring potential "needs" by presenting prototypes, which may be resulted to "innovation".

This time, the workshop will be held in Kunitachi-east campus, Hitotsubashi Univ. and students from both Tokyo Tech and Hitotsubashi will be expected as participants to this workshop (language; Japanese) .

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【Outline of Workshop】
《Date and time》 14/Oct (Sat) 11:00-16:00
《Venue》 Multipurpose Room, Mercury Tower 7F
Kunitachi-east campus, Hitotsubashi Univ.

《Facilitator》 Takanori Kashino, Design Thinking Lab.
《Students》 Under Graduate and Graduate Students
《anguage》 Japanese
《Max of participants》 Up to 25 students (some adjustment may be considered between Tokyo Tech and Hitotsubashi)

【If you want to join the workshop】
Please contact Prof. Yamada/AGL with following information.
《Your Information needed》
(1) Name
(2) Faculty
(3) Student Number
(4) Mail Address

《Mail To:》
Prof. Keisuke Yamada, AGL